Founded by Emilio Moro, the winery is in Pesquera de Duero, in the hearth of Rivera de Duero. Is a family company with three generates in his backs. 

Now, Emilio Moro is a national and international refferent for his compromise with the methods of preparation of quality and the environment. The Moro family is a part of other proyects as the wineries Cepa 21 in Ribera de Duero and Drink & Dreams in Douro.

This application help to learn the secrets of the world of wine, helped by a refferent winery in Ribera de Duero. Also, you can create a record of tastings of the wines and include photos of its. show the information about the winery and his excelents wines: Finca Resalso, Emilio Moro, Malleolus, Malleolus de Valderramiro, Malleolus de Sanchomartín y Emilio Moro Clon de la Familia.

The list include:

- Last news about the winery.

- Manual of tasting wine.

- Register and the historic record of tasting wine.

- Information about the wines of the winery.

- Information about the philosophy , the vineyard, the instalations of the winery and the foundation of Emilio Moro.

- Direct access to social networks.