concurso-nacionalIn total, has been called to more of 3500 profesionals of bars and restaurants of all autonomous communities, they have been invited to present his "pincho".Among the recipes received, a jury selected the 63 bests. This recipes participate in the competition and the public can enjoy of them in Valladolid between the days 5 at 11 of november of 2012.

With the app you can enjoy of the information about the competition, the ingredients of the "pinchos", the participants and the godparents. But the most important is that you can taste the bests "pinchos". Also you can see the recipes, videos, interviws and all multimedia content of the competity.

The application include:  

  • - List of "pinchos" with a searcher and a gallery of photos.

  • - List of participants with his contact information, features and specialities. You can see them in a map and how to get to them. 

  • - List of establishment that be godparent.

  • - Your own list with your favorite "pinchos" and you can vote for them. If you vote used the application, you will enter in the sweepstake with the only condition that register your telephone number, for can contact with the winners.

  • - Ranking de pinchos según las votaciones de los usuarios.

  • - Show the establishments that has a solidary "pincho" of the "Fundación Emilio Moro".

  • - Extras with downloads videos, images, news, recipes and all things relativs to the competity and the participants.