Concurso nacional de Pinchos 2013Search participants in a map or by proximity, see the "pinchos" of the competition and vote to participate in the sweepstakes of a big present. The present is 10 cooking courses in the cooking school of Fernado Pérez.


  • See the winners list.
    See videos, interviews, and multimedia content of the ninth national competition of "pinchos" and "tapas" of city of Valladolid.
    Enjoy and participate in the national competition of "pinchos" and "tapas" of city of Valladolid.
    Also will access to the information of the establishment that participate in the national level.

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Main functions:

    • - Ranking of "pinchos" with his votes.

    • - LIst of participants and godparents with the information of contact, features and a map or for proximity. 

    • - Also, you can see a map with the situation of the stablishment

    • - Share the "pinchos" with your friends using the social networks Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, sms ...