Fair of Day Valladolid 2014


First competition of photography "Fair of Day", upload the bests photos of the "Fair of Day" and win fabulous prizes.Share the best photos and comment them.
Guide establishments of the "Fair of Day" of Valladolid, development for the fairs and parties of "Nuestra Señora La Virgen de San Lorenzo".

The Association of hospitality of Valladolid and Applica2 have developed the APP "Feria de Día 2014" for the mobile devices IPhone and Android. This APP has been sponsored by "Bodegas Prado Rey", "Mahou" and "Cafés Candelas" and with the colaboration of the city hall from Valladolid, "Diputación de Valladolid" and the Joint Society for the promotion of tourism in Valladolid.

Captura de inicio Captura de casetas Captura de casetas
Captura de casetas de interior Captura de Concurso Fotografico

The application include:

  • - The competition of photography "Fair of Day".

  • - Searcher and map of the temporal establishments.

  • - Searcher and map of the establishments of "Tapeo de Interior".

  • - Programme of celebrations.

  • - The APP is free for all users and will need to register in the application with the telephone number, for to contact to you in the case that you win the sweepstake.

  • - In this edition, as novely, you can share your photos and the stablishment with your friends using the social networks: FaceboooK, Twitter, e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp ...