Tappas 2014

logoApplication of "XVI Concurso Provincial de Pinchos de Valladolid". Allow search the participants in a map or in a list, see the "pinchos" and vote to participate in a Sweepstakes of a tour package. Share the "pincho" with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, Sms, e-mail, Whatsapp ...

This app has been sponsored for Mahou and Cafe Candelas and through to the colaboration of the city hall of Valladolid, the deputation of Valladolid and Sociedad Mista for promotion the tourism in Valladolid.

Main functions:

  • - Ranking of "pinchos" with more votes for the competition to the most popular "pincho".

  • - See the list of participants, his contact information, features and specialty. The localization in a map and how to get.

  • - All users what participate in the votes, can opt to win a award that will be raffled when finish the competition.

  • - The app is free to all users and will be need register with your phone number, for to can contact to you in case that you win.

  • - In this edition, as a novelty, you can share the "pinchos" with your friends using the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, sms ...
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